De Uilenkamer (or in the English translantion 'The Owls Room') is a consultancy that supports communication managers with accountability and research questions. The agency analyzes information problems and helps to find answers. It does not carry out any research itself, but supports design and tendering. If you think about communication research and have questions about why, how and what, it can be valuable to contact us. In an informal conversation we will gladly explain what De Uilenkamer has to offer.


De Uilenkamer Interim is also active in the field of interim management of communication research activities.




Marius Hogendoorn started De Uilenkamer (Dutch for ‘The Owls Room’) in 1988. Since the, as a consultant, he was involved in numerous projects in the area of communication research, both for profit and non-profit institutions. Hogendoorn is the author of the publication ‘Communicatieonderzoek‘ (Coutinho 2015) and gives lectures on this subject at various educational institutes. He was also co-founder and head coordinator of the Logeion theme group Accountability. Around 2007 he started a free research project ‘Project Beauty‘, an international study into the way in how residents from different countries give substance to the phenomenon Beauty.